Tuesday, October 11

5V USB bulb light indoor electric mosquito insect killer with led

Electric Mosquito insect killer with led EMK-01U

USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Photocatalyst Flycatcher Zapper with 6 LED Night Light Insect Fly Pest Killing

5V USB bulb light indoor electric mosquito insect killer with led

1.Physical principles
1.Using special led light to attract mosquitoes
2.Through a powerful fan suction the mosquitoes into the mosquito box
3.then mosquitoes will death because of air dried .

It can be widely used in crop farming, livestock breeding industry, schools, hospitals, parks, urban greening, garden villas.

These product series can efficiently trap and kill more than 30 kinds of harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, armyworms, moths, pine sawyer beetles, beetles, mole crickets, locusts, white-winged, and flying ants

USB mosquito killer lamp
1)voltage:5V,USB cable input.220V/5V.
3)effect area:20SQM(square meter)
4)6pcs purple Leds+fan

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Monday, April 4

Solar Mosquito Repeller

Solar Mosquito Repeller,Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Mosquito Repeller, Solar Mosquito Killer:
The solar mosquito Repeller is powered by solar energy through solar panel.
The solar panel converts sunlight into electric energy and then charges built-in “AA”Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries during the day. A light sensor turns on the light automatically at night. The light has two functions, lighting and killing mosquitoes.
The solar pest control light can work up to 8 hours at night under lighting mode and can work up to 6 hours under pest killer mode at night after a full sunny day charging.
Remark: The lifetime of LED lamp is over100, 000 hours, you never need to change it.
Product Description:
Solar panel: 4.5V/45mA,0.23W
Light Source: 2pcs of Super Bright white LED(1white and 1purple)
Brightness of LED: 9000-12000mcd/pc(white)
Battery : Two 600mAH NI-CD Storage Battery
Operating Time: More than 8 hours after full charge
Main Material: ABS Plastic
Product Size: 160 x 160 x 350 mm
Packing size :16×16× 17 cm / PCS

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Electronic Ultrasonic Cockroach Mosquito Rat Mouse Repeller

The Ultrasonic Repellent could repel Rat, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Crickets, Moths, Wood ants, Ants. It sent ultrasonic to repel pest, the sound only receive by the pest, no noise to disturb human, no affect for the dog & cat & fish.

Electronic Ultrasonic Insect Repeller, Electronic Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller ,Ultrasonic Pest Repellent
Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Insect Mosquito Repeller 
2.No chemicals
3.Safe to human and pets
How to use:
After plugging the power on the wall,you can see the blue indicator light and the machine begin to work.Also you can hear electronic scanning sound from high frequency to low frequency.The frequency selected switch is on the left side,when you turn it to "H",it can lustrate small vermin,such as mosquito,black beetle,fly etc.;when you turn to "L",it can lustrate mouse . Then the vermin will disappear in several days,and you will never buy dangerous chemical medicine and clean the mouse cage!
Input:AC 110V - 220V,50Hz - 60Hz
Usefulness area:about 50-80 square meter (It is affected by the installing point and surroundings)
1.This machine should be installed at 30 -80cm away from the floor,and should be vertical to the floor and plug to the power socket
2.The installing point should be away from carpet,curtain etc., or else,the effect of lustrating vermin will be weakened
3.It is normal that the vermin will increase at the beginning of the using days,because they will get away from their living place after the attack of the ultrasonic
4.Forbidden:water,moisture,strong impregnant ; Do not make striking on it
To increase the effect,you should use several machines at the warehouse or goods pile-up,several rooms
Effect Range :
1.This machine will have great effect in 50-80 square meters in the room.
2.This machine can lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, 3.cricket , ant , wood ant etc vermin. So we can call it electronic lustrate mouse machine, electronic helminthes machine etc.
4.The ultrasonic that sent out from this machine is far away from hearing range of human being . They will not do harm to human being and pets. Also will not have affect on house machine.
5.This machine is safety and environment protected. Smell-less and flavorless. 6.Teeny used energy. (Total power<1W) and with advance photoelectron technology.
1.Voltage: 110 - 220V
2.Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
3.Power: 2.5W
4.LED indicator light
5.Easy one button operation
6.Dimensions: 10 x5.2x 2.5cm (LxWxT)
7.Neutral white design

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Wednesday, October 20

Solar Electronic Snake Repeller - How to get rid of snakes ?

Wednesday, October 13

Solar Rodent Repeller,Solar Mole Repeller-How to get rid of moles and destructive rodents in the garden, Lawn?

Solar Powered Mole Rodent Repeller SA-01

Solar Mole Repeller ,Solar Powered Mole Repeller, Solar Mole Chaser, Solar Rat Repeller,Solar Rodent Repeller,Sonic Mole Repeller,Garden Mole Repellent

The Solar Powered Mole and Rodent repellent works in the garden, Lawn. And it also works on voles, shrews , Gopher, and other destructive rodents.
Chase away Mole and other ground Rodents with sound instead of poisons . Our Solar Mole Repeller emits an intermittent combination of underground sound and vibration that Mole and other burrowing Rodents can't stand . Push the stake in the ground, turn it on, and Mole clear out fast. Won't disturb household pets. Runs days and night and is powered by long-life Ni-MH solar charged rechargeable batteries (included Battery ).
The Advanced Solar Powered Mole Repeller has high-spec solar panels and an aluminum cannulation . The aluminum cannulation give more durability and makes it easier to insert in the soil. More importantly, aluminium is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations.